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Certified Auto Appraisals Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections are invaluable when purchasing a used car. We provide a complete report on the physical and mechanical condition of the vehicle. Provide title research to ensure the vehicle is free of all liens or encumbrances. Ensure that all vehicles have a marketable title. Ensure that when dealing with a used car dealer that all transactions are fair and consistent with current automotive standards including finance documents.

Re-marketing Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Vehicle Valuation Specialists, LLC help in liquidating Estate Vehicles?

A: Our expertise is establishing a true and accurate value in order to facilitate liquidation of the asset in a timely manner. We are also aligned with a network of automobile professionals which can usually put a buyer and seller together to liquidate a vehicle asset in 48 hours.

Q: Can Vehicle Valuation Specialists, LLC help individuals sell their cars?

A: Absolutely, not only do we have access to a network of automotive professionals, we also have the ability to recondition and offer vehicles for sale at local dealer auctions.

Pre-purchase Inspections:

Q: Why is a pre-purchase inspection important?

A: Buying a used vehicle is a major investment. As discussed above, you simply cannot rely on book values and vehicle history reports to provide true and accurate information about a vehicle’s condition and value.

At Vehicle Valuation Specialists, LLC we have over 27 years of experience in the automotive industry. We know what to look for and all the tricks unscrupulous sellers sometimes employ.

As an added service our team includes an A.S.E. Certified Master Automotive Technician. Having a complete mechanical evaluation in addition to an inspection can truly provide peace of mind.